Help with Asthma: Preparing Your Child for the School Year

BackpacksThe school year is often the time parents need the most help with asthma management for their children. When children are in an environment parents can’t control, there is an increased risk of exposure to respiratory infections and asthma triggers. Respiratory infections are a common cause of asthma flare-ups in young children. The following tips will help you prepare your child to practice effective asthma condition management during the new school year.

Encourage hand washing. Hand washing is one of the best ways your child can avoid catching a cold or flu. Teach your child about the importance of covering his or her own coughs and sneezes, as well as simple-to-remember hand washing techniques. For example, a thorough hand washing means scrubbing your hands long enough to hum the “Yankee Doodle” tune in your head.

Get the proper vaccines. One of the best ways to help with asthma and avoid respiratory infections is to get a flu vaccine at the beginning of the school year.

Role play. Just as you do fire drills in your home, you can also conduct asthma drills. This will help your child know what to do if there is an asthma emergency. Furthermore, teach your child to talk about his or her condition to peers and other adults. For example, pretend that a certain situation poses possible asthma triggers, and practice with your child what he or she should say and do.

Talk to your child’s teacher and friends’ parents. The adults in your child’s life want him or her to be healthy and safe. The American Lung Association recommends that you talk to the child’s teacher, nurse and PE teacher about asthma condition management. Also make sure that the parents of your child’s friends are aware of asthma triggers and have your contact information.

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