Asthma Control

Talk to Your Child

Heres a simple way to explain Asthma Control to your child:

Theres a really easy way to tell if your asthma is in good control. You feel good. If you can run and play and sleep through the night without coughing or wheezing, youre in good control. If you dont feel like this, you need to tell me, or another grown up, right away.

Its never easy learning that your child has a disease, but the good news is that asthma can be managed. When it is, your child will feel good. Hell have few or no symptoms. Hell be able to sleep through the night without waking up because of breathing difficulty. Hell be as active as he wants to be. That is known as keeping asthma symptoms in good control.

You and your child can learn to manage asthma.

So how can you help get your childs asthma in good control? It begins by understanding the details of your childs asthma treatment and making sure to stay on top of those details, even when your child is feeling well.

Tips for managing your childs asthma:

  • Make sure your child takes his asthma medicine as prescribed
  • Take your child for regular checkups with his health care provider
  • Let the other adults who care for your child know about his asthma, so they know what to do in an asthma emergency
  • Help your child practice how to speak up and tell an adult when he is having a breathing problem
  • Make a plan to reduce triggers in your childs environment
  • Help your child develop good health habitsgetting enough sleep, eating right, and getting exercise
  • Have an Asthma Action Plan
  • Use a peak flow meter to monitor the level of your childs symptoms
Asthma Triggers
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Learn how controlling triggers can reduce your childs asthma symptoms.

Asthma Action Plan
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Use this convenient form to help manage your childs asthma.

Medicine Quiz
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Take this quiz to get answers about your child's asthma medicines.