Using a Spacer

How Spacers Work

photo of child using a spacer device

A spacer helps get medicine deeper into your child's lungs.

A spacer device, also known as a holding chamber, is a plastic tube that connects to your childs inhaler. A spacer can help your child get more medicine deeper into his lungs, where the medicine is needed most. Spacers are available by prescription only, so ask your health care provider which spacer is best for your child, and the proper way to use it.

Heres how to use the spacer:

  1. Insert the inhaler into the spacer and shake.
  2. Have your child breathe out.
  3. Put the mouthpiece of the spacer into your childs mouth.
  4. Press down on the inhaler once.
  5. Have your child breathe in slowly for three to five seconds.
  6. Have your child hold his breath for ten seconds before breathing out.
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