Common Myths about Asthma Medicines

Some parents wonder if there are long-term side effects to taking asthma medicine. Its important that you talk to your health care provider about these concerns. But here are the facts about the most common questions families have about these medicines.

  1. Steroid-based medicines will not stunt your childs growth. Studies have shown that long-term use of inhaled steroid control medicine may reduce growth by up to an inch, but this is usually made up during the adolescent growth spurt. Keep in mind that children grow at different rates  as well as the benefits your child has when his asthma is in good control.
  2. Asthma medicines do not make your child bulk up or have over-developed muscles. The steroids in medicines to control asthma are not the same kind of steroid used by some athletes to increase performance. The inhaled steroids in asthma control medicine help to reduce inflammation in your childs airways and prevent asthma symptoms. Dont stop any asthma medicines without talking to your childs health care provider first.
  3. Asthma medicines are not addictive. Some parents worry that their child may become dependent on asthma quick-relief medicine or that their child will need more and more of the quick-relief medicine to open up the airways when asthma symptoms get worse. If youre concerned about the amount of medicine that your child is taking, talk to your health care provider.
Asthma Triggers
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Asthma Action Plan
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