About Lungtropolis

The city of Lungtropolis is under attack from the mucous mob, and its up to your child to save it. How? By learning whats needed to stay healthy while living with asthma.

Lungtropolis is an interactive game for children aged 5-10 who have asthma. Developed by Oregon Center for Applied Science, Smashing Ideas, and the American Lung Association, its goal is to engage and empower kids to manage their own asthma.

By playing Lungtropolis kids will learn:

  • Asthma basics
  • How to recognize and respond to warning signs
  • What triggers are and why its important to avoid them

Grab your secret agent gear and join your child in this fun adventure.

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Asthma Triggers
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Learn how controlling triggers can reduce your childs asthma symptoms.

Asthma Action Plan
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Use this convenient form to help manage your childs asthma.

Medicine Quiz
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Take this quiz to get answers about your child's asthma medicines.